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  • Affiliate Disclosure 

The owner of http:/www.lehenga.info, may 

receive compensation for 

recommendations made in reference to the 

products or services on this website.  This 

compensation may be in the form of money, 

services or complimentary products and 

could exist without any action from a 

website visitor.  Should you purchase a 

product or service that was recommended 

by http: //www.lehenga.info,, it is 

understood that some form of 

compensation might be made to the 

http://www.lehenga.info owner.  For 

example, if you click on an affiliate link at 

http://www.lehenga.info,and then make a 

purchase of the recommended product or 

service, http: //www.lehenga.info,owner 

may receive compensation.

This Compensation Disclosure has been 

provided for your protection and to fully 

disclose any relationship between http: // 

www.lehenga.info  product or service 

recommendations and the owners of those 

product or services.

Affiliate Agreement

 This agreement ("Agreement") describes the terms and conditions for participation in the 

www.lehenga.info by Freelancer Jitendra Sharma) Affiliate Program. The terms "Affiliate." "You," and

 "your" are referring to Amazon Affiliate Program, the person who is applying to participate in our

 affiliate program. "We" and "our" refer to (www.lehenga.info, By Freelancer Jitendra Sharma). You

 and we are independent parties and you agree that this agreement shall not create any form of 

partnership or employer - employee relationship between us. If you are accepting This Agreement on

 behalf of another person or a company, you agree that you have authority to bind them. 


to be eligible to participate as an affiliate, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old, and have a valid 

tax ID or social security number. If you are in the United States you must complete a W9 form or its

 equivalent in your country. During the registration process you may be asked to provide certain 

information. In providing this information you represent and agree that all information is, and will 

remain, truthful and current. We reserve the right to determine whether you are eligible or terminate 

your participation with us at any time, without notice. We reserve the right to terminate your acc ount at

 any time without notice or reason, but specifically we may do so if you or your site violates any term 

of this agreement or any applicable law. Termination of your account for breach or violation of law may

 include forfeiture of any compensation owed and disgorgement of any already paid. 



 This agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your affiliate application and will end when 

terminated by either party, but we may terminate this agreement at any time, without notice, for your 

breach or violation of law. Termination may occur at any time, with or without cause, by giving the 

other party written notice of the termination in accordance with this Agreement. Once the Agreement is 

terminated, you will immediately cease your participation with the site, remove any offers, content, 

links or creative that has been provided to you by us or our advertisers. Once terminated you will 


any rights to any compensation from the date of termination. We may also reject any application if you 

are from a state that currently imposes a tax on the sale of goods or services by affiliates (i.e. nexus tax) 

and the advertiser does not wish to promote its products in that state through you. 


We may modify any of the terms and conditions within this Agreement at any time and at our sole 

discretion, regardless of the dissimilarity that may occur between the amended version of the 

Agreement and the original version. These modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in 

the scope of available referral fees, fee schedules, payment procedures and rules relating to our affiliate

 program. If any of the modifications are unacceptable to you, you must immediately terminate this

 Agreement and notify us such notification, you must not continue participating in the affiliate program.

 By continuing to participate in the program following the

posting of a change notice or amendments to this agreement, you are indicating that you accept the 

amendments and agree to comply with them.  


The schedule for you to receive compensation is based on the incident of a valid event, which is 

governed by the terms of the offer and its requirements.  We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to 

determine the validity of any event that would lead to compensation to you.  Furthermore, we will have

 no obligation to pay for invalid actions or if the advertiser (s) fails to remit payment.  Depending on the

 particular offer your compensation may be based on


PRODUCTS & CATEGORIES>% of the gross revenue or Rs per sale as a commission from the 

particular valid action that would trigger compensation to you (ie  orders placed through your Affiliate 

Site). You will only be paid for legitimate compensation that was earned, which is determined by us in 

our sole discretion. Payment will be made by an approved method that will be posted on the site, and in 

US Dollars  unless otherwise agreed to by both parties in writing. You will be paid only once you have

 reached a payment threshold of at least Rs.50.00USD (or another number agreed in writing by both 

parties) and paid on terms of a schedule of _days after  the last day of the calendar month or another 

time frame which has been agreed upon in writing by both parties. 

(Amazon Affiliate Program) 

For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate the cust  omer must complete the order form, remit 

full payment for the service ordered, and have their installation completed.  You will receive% for 

orders placed through the Affiliate Sites of those sub - Affiliates which you have sponsored into the 

Affiliate Program Affiliate Commissions will only be paid on sales which are made through qualified 

Affiliates Compensation can only be earned between the acceptance of the Affiliate application  and 

notice of termination.  Fees will be paid on the first day of each month by (www.lehenga.info, by Freelancer 

Jitendra Sharma).  Any returned checks, chargebacks, or fees from a returned order will be adjusted in the

 following fee payment.  If no fee payment is due, a billing invoice for the amount will be issued. 

 Affiliates must have an active link on their website.  In order to qualify for commissions on sub 

affiliate sales in any given month, an affiliate must personally sell at least one order during that month.

 Affiliate will also be responsible for all taxes and fees that they may incur.  


(https://www.lehenga.info/, By Freelancer Jitendra Sharma) will be solely responsible for processing every order placed by

 a customer on the Affiliate and sub - affiliate sites.  Customers who purchase products and services 

through the (https://www.lehenga.info/ By Freelancer Jitendra Sharma) will be considered to be customers of https://www.lehenga.info/,

by Freelancer Jitendra Sharma).  Prices and availability of our products and services may vary from time to

 time.  (https://www.lehenga.info/ By Freelancer Jitendra Sharma) policies will always determine the price paid by the 

customer.  We reserve the right to reject any order that does not comply with our rules, operating 

procedures and policies

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